Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back to Maso's painting

Thanking Gawain and his Friends in heaventree.
This is also, in a very modern way, something of a mystery :
inspired by a beautiful painting ( I was left breathless when I saw it ) the curiosity of the gesture, told in the legend, and of the colour black, told nowhere that I know, started a dialogue in the ether of the present times.
I feel, without explaining too much, that the painting of Maso leaves the same lesson Hildegarda left: the perpetual love (let us call it the perpetual life-energy) bounding creator and creation, man in the center, being origin and ultimate end, and that is why the Virgin had to leave the Saint her belt as a cord : of love as it happens in the birth of a child.
Just look at this other is told in the SCIVIAS fourth description.

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Sir G said...

There exists in the Hindu cannon a genre which consists in the lord Vishnu, reclining on the snake Ananda, dreaming; and out of his belly button there emerges a lotus stalk and out of that, a flower, and upon the flower sits, in the pose of meditation, lost in thought, Brahma, the lord of the universe. a famous Khmer panel representing this scene has been a source of endless controversy here and bickering and even military posturing and has now been returned to Cambodia. but another is to be seen in Phanom Rung, the most imposing Khmer monument on the Thai side of the border. it is the only Khmer monument which allows you to overnight in the premises and wake up at dawn to enjoy the glory at dawn, by yourself. i did that on my 40th birthday. :)